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Contributor II
Contributor II

Group by having max(SomeField)

Hi everyone,

i have   aggr(concat(SomeField&'||')&SomeOtherField,columnX)

witch gives me many concatenated valus for the Somefield with one value of the SomeOtherField, and it works perfectly !

Now i want to get ONLY the row witch have the max(SomeOtherField) but i don't know how !

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You can use Set Analysis in conjunction with AGGR. Here is a great post https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Design-Blog/Set-Analysis-in-the-Aggr-function/ba-p/1463822


Contributor II
Contributor II

In fact i'm workin in a table based on a count(<SomeConditions> disinct ColumnONE)

The ColumnOne has a one to many relation with ColumnTWO

and the ColumnTWO has an other one to many relation with ColumnTHREE


Finally i want to add a column in the table witch shows :

concatenation of all ColumnTHREE(String) group by the MAX(ColumnTWO(Date))