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Grouped/Stacked Bar Charts in Qlik Sense

I am trying to create a grouped bar chart in Qlik Sense. My dimension that I am trying to build the bars on has 3 fields - export, import and local. Right now, my grouped bar chart is showing a comparision between 3 bars (one for export, import and local). I would like to compare export and import + local, so there would be 2 bars. What do I need to do in Sense in order to achieve this?

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Re: Grouped/Stacked Bar Charts in Qlik Sense


I would use two expression

1. for export

2. for import & local (sum) + color by expression to make different values for import & local visible.

Maybe you should create an additional field (e.g. export=1, import=2 & local=2) to use as dimension for your graph.

If possible, post a sample qvf to provide a more detailed answer.