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Grouping Results

I have these columns:

Employee IDDatesLocation
1231/1/2016San Jose
1231/2/2016San Jose
1231/6/2016San Jose

I want a Table that shows me data in this format:

Location NameEmployees with more than 2 days of travel in Location
San Jose1

I am struggling with the last column 'Employees with less than 30 days of travel'. Can someone help?

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Re: Grouping Results

I don't see that column in your example.  If it should be in the 2nd table I'm not exactly sure how you want to display this as this table is based on location and not on employee.

I'll try to help if you can provide more information.

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Re: Grouping Results

What expression did you use to get 'Employees with more than 2 days of travel in location'?