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Groups / buckets / class - how to get 10 yr age groups from DOB or age

Hi community!

I'm sure this is simple in Sense (I have desktop June 2017 version) but can't seem to get it to work - I simply need to assign people to 10 year age groups based on an "Age" that I created based on birth date. I have "Age" as a master item dimension and measure as well as a variable since I wasn't sure what was best to use.

I've tried creating:

a new dimension based on: Class(Age_Dimension,10)

a new measure: Replace(Class(Age,10),'<= x <', '-')

I've added these to tables - is not "invalid" but no data displayed

I've added these to pie charts - same thing, not invalid but no data

I'd like to get a chart (could be bar, pie, table, etc.) that shows # of people (PATID) in each 10 year age band.

I think I'm just missing something simple - any insight is appreciated!

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