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Hello Folks.. Need help on this on urgent basis !

Need to create two tables in Qliksense: one with positive sales growth and other with negative sales growth like the one in the below picture. The grand total at the end of each table is represented by just selecting 'Sum' under Totals fx in the 'Sales growth' measure. This grand total is not saved in any variable. How do I retrieve this value? I have to compute % of Total Sales growth by below formula:

% of Total Sales growth = (Sales growth for a package/Grand total) *100

Please help in retrieving the grand total so that i can be able to compute the '% of total sales growth'.


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Creator III
Creator III

You can load pos and neg in 1 another table, and than get grand total.

It's not necessery to show this table in lists, you need to get total sum, so you can add KPI and show there total.

Something like that)


You could use either one or two pivot tables. Here is how you make it with one:

2017-01-11 11_34_17-Qlik Sense Desktop.png

I don't have your exact figures for Sales Share so they are based on Sales Growth that is obviously incorrect....

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Thank you Petter. But the file you have sent is Qlikview file. Could you please send me the solution for Qlik sense version?

Thanks in advance.


The file I attached is most definitely a Qlik Sense app. It has the exension QVF and I am 100% sure that it was made in Qlik Sense

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Hi Petter. Thanks for your solution but I am stuck at one place. In my dataset there are multiple rows of same type of Package spread across different weeks. For instance:

Package, SalesGrowth

500 ML, 584056

500 ML, 653000

500 ML, -453020

750 ML, 187309

750 ML, -200112

990 ML, 108838

P-A, 73077

Above 500 ML and 750 ML has multiple rows. In such a scenario, we need to compute the consolidated sales growth of 500 ML which is = 784036 (584056+653000-453020) and this being positive should come under Positive head.

Similarly, after computing for 750 ML, sales growth= -12803 (187309-200112), this should come under Negative head and likewise.

So, what changes should I make in my data load editor for the same?

Thanks in advance.


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Also for your information, in my dataset (with multiple entries of same package as below), I have following fields:

Package     CurrentYear_Sales     PrevYear_Sales  

500 ML

500 ML

500 ML

750 ML

750 ML

200 ML

Sales Growth is computed as:  (sum(CurrentYear_Sales)-sum(PrevYear_Sales))

Sales Share= sum(CurrentYear_Sales) / sum (Total (CurrentYear_Sales))

Please help me with the issue.


Creator III
Creator III

U can compute consolidated sales using

SUM(SalesGrowth) OVER (PARTITION BY Package) as TotalSum

functions in SQL (i always use this)

and then i prefer to make flagfield like

CASE WHEN (SUM(SalesGrowth) OVER (PARTITION BY Package))> 0 then 'Positive'

          else 'Negative' end as FlagField

Then you can participate sum as you wish