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Help! Date filter (Realease november 2018 "Date picker")

Hi everyone, 

I'm beginner in Qlik sense and I have a question for the Calendar Object added in the last release of november 2018, i have one KPI which show me the turnover of my business in the first measure and the difference with the last year in the seconde measure. it worked very good When i used the year filter, but since i'm using the calendar filter the second measure wasn't calculated( when a select from 01/01/2015 until 31/12/2015). in the pictures bellow you wil understood the problem beter.

All the graphics in the picture below are juste for demonstartion and to show you that data's exists. WHEN I CHANGE THE FILTER IN CALENDAR FILTER I GET THE VALUE '0' INSTEAD OF the logical VALUE.

 the formula here is simple and clear: 

sum ( {< YEAR = {$(=Year(Max(DATE))-1)} >} SOLD_QTY * [SALE PRICE] ) 

did it happen for you or could one of you tell me that it's may be a bug .

Thanks in advance 

Djaber TQli-Calendar.png

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