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Help Grouping into buckets based off of Lowest task number that has not been completed

Hi All, 

I am a Newb to Qlik Sense and have been working on this for a few days, and cannot figure out where I am going wrong. 

I am Using a funnel chart to count the number of companies that would fall into each of the buckets (Prospection, Contracting, Onboarding, and Complete).  

The data is a list of tasks that have a [Status] of 'To Do' or 'Done'.  My goal here is to find the lowest [TaskNo.] where [Status]='To Do' and then Count for the [Bucket] it is currently in.  

For example: When looking at the 16 tasks specific to a [Company], if tasks 2-5 are 'Done' and task 6 is 'To Do' then that count would go to contracting.  If task 1 is the only task 'Done' and task 2-17 are 'To Do' then the count would go in  Prospection.

below is the expression I have been attempting to use. 

=count({1<Status = {'To Do'}>} aggr(min([TaskNo.]), [Company]))

In the attached Data the count should be:
Prospection : 1 
Contracting : 1
Onboarding : 2
Complete :1

Hopefully this makes sense but please let me know if you have any questions or need any further info.  

Thank you!

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