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Creator III
Creator III

Help needed in converting this SQL Query to Qlik Query

Hi All, 

I have this Attched Query and have to convert it or implement it in the Qliksense, 

Intention here to calculate the Churn rate of the customers. i have 2 tables one is called churn and other is Base table. both have duplicates in there primary keys and suggested to join on 3 columns.

Please help me how can I build this relation between Churn table and Base table. 

Appreciate the help if any one suggest me how I can relate these 2 tables Based on the attached. 


@sunny_talwar @jagan  please any inputs

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The best place to start is probably the help on loading data into Qlik Sense, you should be able to use an odbc connector to load these tales into your sql app, or use your sql query itself