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Help needed with Ranking table Sales

Good Day,

A question.

We have a Sales environment where the client wants to see a ranking system.

We have the following dimensions:

1. Brand

2. Article


1. Revenue.


Now the client wants the following:

A table with 5 columns.

Column 1:

The brand (easy)

Column 2:


Column 3:

The articles of this brand sorted in order of revenue/Total Revenue of this brand (%)

Column 4:

When a client is selected, the first two columns must stay the same, this column should show the same as column 2, but for this client. 

And This should also show the articles where there isn't any revenue at the moment in red. (difficult)


Column 5

Here the actual revenue is shown instead of a percentage.


This is probably a very hard thing to achieve.

But any help would be welcome.


I made examples and attached them in and excel file what the result could be.


Thanks a bunch


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