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Help with Date range (prompted) filter in Qlik Sense Report


I am new to Qliksense (&Qlik in general).

I thought adding a couple of prompted filters to select a date range (From & To Date prompt selections) would be pretty straight forward.

But after hours of searching online, I can't seem to find a simple solution, except for one that was suggesting an extension (never used extensions before, though, have to start at some point).

I figured out a convoluted (surely extremely simple to you gurus) variables based on set analysis & data load script expressions, which now works, but now realizing that there is no way to associate the variable to capture user selections from filter panes in the qlik sense app sheet interface (unless I'm mistaken?).

Please advise.

If using an extension is the only way, its better I know this sooner than later, as my work is due in a couple of days.

Any help is appreciated, even if its pointing me to a resource link (which I have obviously not been able to find!)


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