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Help with SAML


I am trying to configure Qlik Sense SSO via SAML but I have problems. I am having issues similar to what's been reported in this link.

The problem is that once I switch to SHA-256, I get an Internal Error. On SHA-1 I am redirected to IdP Login Page.

The fix on the above link refers to certificate being signed using SHA-1, but this is not the case for me. I checked and the self-signed Qlik Sense certificates are now on SHA-256.

This is the error shown in logs: "Unanticipated ComponentSpace.SAML2.Exceptions.SAMLSignatureException occurred for connection"

I am stuck. Please help!

Kind regards,


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Re: Help with SAML

Hi Mihai,

It might not be a solution but just for knowledge sake, I heard that next version of Qlik which is due in June is coming with better certificates (I am hoping SHA-2).