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Contributor III
Contributor III

Help with Visualization of data with open and closed statuses dates

Hello i might be over thinking this but what im trying to do is show open and closed records based on dates I have the following tables:

ID Report Date Amount  Category Report Count Open date Closed date Status
1 9/14/2022 20 Clothing 4 9/11/2022 Null Open
2 9/10/2022 100 Furniture 6 9/4/2022 9/10/2022 Closed


Max Date


If the Max date is the same as the Report Date then the status is 'Open' else it is 'closed'.

I would like to visualization this in a bar chart using Report date and Status as a Dimension so for example ID = 2 there would be a Open count for 9/4/2022 and then a closed count for 9/10/2022. 

Thank you for the help

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Contributor III
Contributor III

=if(Date 1 = Date 2, 'Open', 'Close')