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Help with displaying data in a grid

I'm not sure how to phrase my question so please bear with me 😊


I have a table of data that shows operations performed.  My data includes the date of operation, the operating room and the surgeon who performed the procedure along with a unique identifier of the patient case.

I'm trying to display this in a grid-like fashion something similar to below.  I tried using a pivot table and it works well when only 1 surgeon performs in the OR for the whole day.

I run into difficulty when more than 1 surgeon performs in an OR on a given date.

I don't want to add the Surgeon as a Dimension as this makes my table too large and difficult to follow.

On the measure side below (Surgeon&'-'&Count(PatientCaseID))

I'm just concatenating the surgeon so of course, if there is more than 1 surgeon it will just display the number of patient cases. 

01/01/19Jane Doe -    6  Joe Bloggs - 4   
02/01/19  Peter Smith - 10    
04/01/19Jane Doe -  12 Joe Bloggs - 8    


Does anyone have any thoughts on how best to go about this?  I'll try anything and everything.  We also have Vizlib library so if there are any chart types in there that could assist let me know.

As always - thanks so much for any and all help 😁

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Try this: concat(Surgeon,’,’)&'-'&Count(PatientCaseID)

Hi Jochem

That certainly did something 😊

Now the cells look like this:


01/01/2019Olivia FlanneryOlivia FlanneryOlivia FlanneryOlivia FlanneryOlivia FlanneryOlivia Flannery-6Dhafir AlazawiDhafir AlazawiDonncha O'BrienDonncha O'BrienDonncha O'BrienDonncha O'BrienDonncha O'BrienDonncha O'Brien-8


So I was hoping I could get it to look like this:

01/01/2019Olivia Flannery - 6

Dhafir Alazawi - 2

Donncha O'Brien - 6