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Hi all,

I need one help from you,the issue is if i click on text box one chart should display and if if i click on another text box some other chart,,likewise how to that in qliksense, but know in qlikview this option.HOW T IN QLIKSENSE ?

GIVE ME SOME VALID REASONS ...ITS URGENT PLZ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

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Re: Help

That's not possible yet in Qlik Sense.

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Re: Help

There is no support for Alternate states in the current version for Sense.

Basically create a data island

A workaround is to create a copy of your data , load in the data the same way its loaded now  ,except  under a different table name  and rename each field to a different name .  No field names between the two "current mode " and "island model " must match .

One chart must be based on the fields in your orignal model

Second chart based on the fields of the newly loaded data.

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