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Hi Guys.........Thanks for your help over the last few days

Thanks guys, my heads not in the right place for reasons being and I've got a project to deliver on and can't think straight or logically, i'm pretty sure there was an easier way to do what i was trying to accomplish, luckily my employers are ok as they have admitted it's not the easiest Excel report to replicate as the tables and data sources are like a maze.

I thought i'll be able to get most of it done in expressions but now it's a mix of script and expressions.

The hard parts done, numbers match and i'm ready to start charts and KPI and visualisation, thanks to you guys in particular Sunny T, Sangram Reddy, Balraj and everyone else, i'll be screwed if it wasn't for you guys as there are hardily any posts on google, this is always my last resort.

Sense is very different to QV objects wise, but i guess i had to have a dabble in QS one day, and tbh i like it, the debugger is a lot better and it tells you where you have made the mistake in the script unlike it's unfriendly big bro QV.

Thanks once again..............................until tomorrow probably lol

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