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Hi, I have a problem.


Error Message:

Source failed to load: server responded with 500 status.

Uncaught Error: Script error for hub.installs / enterprise / enterprise
http://requirejs.org/docs/errors.html#scripterr is
In MakeError (require.js? 1484129990677: 6)
HTMLScriptElement.onScriptError at (require.js? 1484129990677: 6)

Is there a solution to the issue? Is this error a certificate error?

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Re: Hi, I have a problem.

Hi Murat,

You need to provide more for other members to understanding where the error is happening.

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Re: Hi, I have a problem.


The important error is probably the firts: HTTP 500 - Internal server error. Your server crashed?? Is it running? When do you get this??

The second error is probably just a consequence of the first.

Hope this helps

Erik Wetterberg

Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Hi, I have a problem.

The server did not crash. It's working.

This error is being received when the Hub screen is opening.

Chrome and Firefox browsers are getting this error.

Services are running.


Re: Hi, I have a problem.

We have the same errors: 500 (Internal Server Error) followed by Uncaught Error: Script error for etc.

We are running Qlik Sense Server 3.2.1 but we had the same issue on 3.0.4

If we hit refresh on the browser the hub opens without an issue.

Qlik support have suggested that it may be a communications error and that we should get the network admins to look into it. We have not found a resolution yet.

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