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Hide Columns based on Conditions

Hi Team,


I have a particular question based on my dataset requirement.

I am using Pivot Table and I have Summary field in Dimension and Month field  in Column and I have 3 measures - Actual, Budget and Forecast.

The output I want is from "Jan to Aug" Month the measure shown in the pivot table should be actual and Budget but from Sep month which is the current month and onward  I want to see all 3 measures Actual, Budget and Forecast.

I am using show if column condition in the Forecast measure, but its not working properly. Either its showing forecast for each month or not showing it at all.

I want to see all months together but from Jan to Aug i want see only actual and budget and then from Sep to Dec I want to see Actual , Budget and Forecast.

Thanks in advance 🙂

I have uploaded the example, How the output should look like.


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Re: Hide Columns based on Conditions

Hiding of expression based on the dimension values is not possible .

Alternatives :

1. Keep 3 expression in all the months for the selected months code it as NA or 0 

2. Build 2 different charts i.e. from month Jan to Aug and then Sep to rest and place it side by side 


I would advise to go with option 1 , because option 1 is easy to maintain