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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hide 'Stack' dimension while using 'Alternative Dimensions' in Bar Chart

Hello All,

i'm trying to build a Bar Chart with one Stack(Compound ID), One Bar(Status) ,One Alternative Dimension(Responsible) and one Measure(Sum of Values).  

After enabling 'Lables and Title' in X-axis, i see all the Three(CompoundID, Status and Responsible) as selectables in 2 different Drop downs.

I would actually like to see only the Status and Responsible in one Drop Down list. And the Compound remains a constant Value.

To Simplify in the attached ScreenShot i would like to remove the Yellow Highlighted dropdwon option and only have the Second One.

Please, see the attached qvf file for a better understanding! Thanks!!




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Creator III
Creator III

The thing is that the data range picker is build to work with full dates, not only with the month-year.

You can generate the dates in the load script between all of the month you have(just a standartd master calendar) and use it for the data range picker. Other than that you would need re-design the way picker was build.