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'Hide' column name in pivot table


I have a pivot table that shows what product needs to be delivered at certain times. Products need to be delivered every half hour. My pivot table is set up as:   Product as row, hour as column, and my measure if quantity. Instead of every column name being displayed across the top, I would like to show every hour and leave the half hour marks as blank. (See pictures for better understanding) 


How can I conditionally make the column name blank?  I don't want to hide the delivery quantities, just the name of the column. For example, instead of showing 12:00, 12:30, 1:00,1:30... I want to show 12:00 (blank column name) 1:00 (blank column name.  

Desired apperance ( no column name for every half hour)Desired apperance ( no column name for every half hour)Current state (shows half hours)Current state (shows half hours)

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