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Hide the script

Hi Qlikers,

Since hidden script is not supported in qliksense, how can u hide/disable the script to prevent other users from

seeing the script in the app.



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This is the link for the second one: Security rules example: Applying Qlik Sense access rights for user types

Can't quite find the first one anymore. Perhaps this one: Resource filter (Advanced view) ‒ Qlik Sense

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Master II
Master II

I agree, I'm also looking for this option where I want to hide my script/expressions from Client having access to Server or from other developers.

If we working on HUB it is not possible to see either based on security rule but if someone is developer then they can export/import the app and load it into QS desktop to see script, which is not really comfortable.

Maybe Qlik Sense should have a security options when the app is exported to folders which can be used in Desktop.



Hi Mike,

Unless I'm missing something this certainly is NOT resolved.

Not having the ability to hide a section of script in Qlik Sense is unforgiveable!

You can't protect Section Access from Advanced Users who are allowed to create apps.

Qlik managed to put in Always One Selected into the front end, surely,you can ring fence a section of script!

To start your coders off, let's assume you say every hidden section of script starts with Hidden_ and then link that to a security rule in the QMC.

Alternatively, you could use a variable inbedded in the app with the same name vHidden_ for the password location.

Come on.

Let's get this into the next release!!!

Kind regards,



Is there any news on this?

I also do not consider this solved at all.

There is no way of protecting your IP from your customers, because they have RootAdmin access to the server, and even if they didn't, they can change the password of the RootAdmin user on the server and get in as you anyway.

Same for desktop, it should support the same functionality (developing in desktop is much faster than in server and running a big reload doesn't bother your users or grind the small dev server to a halt - you can buy a high-memory i7 SSD laptop for the rental price of 1 month of the same size server, so to speak).
If export and open in desktop would just show the code, hiding it would be useless.

this even suggests that there is hidden script built into the engine, but they just forgot to put in the button for it...

Unfortunately the 'solution' doesnt' tell where/how to execute this code.

Come on Qlik, do this!!