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Highest and Lowest Values using Dimension Limits for Bar Graphs

Hello. I have an imported table with the values Estimated Value and Real Value for each country (hypothetical example). With this, I've made a simple bar graph listing all countries and their final performance (Estimated Value - Real Value). With this, I have a list of all countries which performed positively and negatively, as well as the total average.

I would like to make a bar graph that shrinks the hundreds of outputs to display only the Top 5 and Bottom 5 performers, in terms of absolute value, as well as an "Others" bar adding all of the other values not included in the top and bottom 5. I've tried a few things with alternate dimensions and aggr(rank(fabs))) dimensions, but nothing seems to work.

Keep in mind, I don't want to transform the negative values into positive values and then show the largest ones. I would like to rank them by absolute value but maintain the negative and positive definitions.

I'm new to Qlik Sense and data analysis in general, so would appreciate any form of guidance.

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

I am not sure  it is achievable to show on the same graph top 5 and bottom 5 while grouping everything else in the middle into others.  Even if it was, I think it would be hard to interpret the "Other" bar as it would contain a mix of positives and negatives. 

I suggest you to break into 2 charts where you can plot top 5 and others (excluding the bottom 5), and the other with the inverse.  Additionally, showing them from a % variance too can bring  other insights.


Ah, I feared exactly this. I've split it up into two graphs as my current solution but would love to join it into a single one representing everything. The main issue with this is space consumption since I'm currently developing a dashboard for presentation.

The % variance is another graph that I was able to create using Sankey, but the raw values graph is still extremely important and is currently in a format that is hard to visualize. Plus, the Others bar is completely off, since if I split it into two graphs, the  bar doesn't account for the information on the other graph. Still learning how to do dimensions, so I wonder if it's at least possible to make an Others bar excluding both top 5 and bottom 5 values, even if it they are not displayed.