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Highlighting in Pivot Table with calculated Measure

Hello All, 

I now have to build some existing QV dashboards into Qlik Sense.  Thankfully the transition has been quite painless, but I cannot figure out how to formulate the highlight option in a calculated measure.

I am using:

If([Assessment (Done or Planned)]= 0.2, RGB(0,105,60))

and getting a generic error (attached)

What I would like to do is highlight cells one color if <50% and another between 50-99 and the third color if  =100%.

Is that doable?

Thanks as always!


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Re: Highlighting in Pivot Table with calculated Measure

You cannot reference measures directly like that. You could put the measure into a variable and use that in your background color condition
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Re: Highlighting in Pivot Table with calculated Measure

Thanks for your quick reply!

I have quite a few columns that I need to do it for.  Essentially we end up with a heatmap type view.  Creating a variable for each column seems cumbersome.

Attached is what my table looks like in QV.

Maybe I am approaching it wrong.  Is there a better way to do this?