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Horizontal Dimension over Expression

Hello everyone!

1-Im trying to get this table? is it possible?

I can move the Week Dimension to be horizontal, but I cant put it over expressions. The main idea is to group the evolution of one expression over weeks, in order to quickly look its evolution. With one metric the table get as I want, but when I add more than one this happens and is hard to visually see the evolution of one metric as you need to skip columns to see the performance.

Screenshot at Feb 15 12-42-14.png

2-Do you know how can I get an expression made from the a math results with only values from the same raw. Example Cost Evolution Week2 over Week 1. So in the same table I can have the raw data and the % variation.


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Re: Horizontal Dimension over Expression

Hi Lucas,

Could you share with us an example qvf?

Thank you!


Re: Horizontal Dimension over Expression

Add your Week dimension using the Properties pane of the pivot table. Choose Add Data and then choose Column instead of Row.

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