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How can I automatically replace data?

Hi, All

I bumped into trouble, It will be very helpful if you share your idea.

What I want to ask is

1. I need to create weekly dashboard with source data.

2. Graph, table, data in row are not changed.

3. But source data contents is renewal by every week. (Previous data will be removed.)

4. I add data in Qlik report.

5. But, because I need new data, I need to click every graph, table to replace source.

6. Is there any method,  adapting replaced data to table / graph by automatically?

I attach explanation with image.

Thanks for your help in advance.



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Re: How can I automatically replace data?


if your data structure don't change and there is only NEW lines, you don't need to change anything at all on the front-end (graphic objects etc).

Use a connector (if there is one available) to fetch your database or place your weekly download on the same place (shared folder, local folder) and create a weekly task. that's all you need I think, especially that you only need the data of the last week, every week.

Why yo need to modify your objects everytime?