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How can I get information on the status of applications in Qlik Sense?

God Afternoon.

I need to show the states of the applications, I have a query(The attached below), this makes a query to Postgresql and get the data, but I was asked to take it to a Power Shell script or through an API.

Without anything else, thank you very much.

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Buenas Tardes.

Necesito mostrar el estado de las aplicaciones. Tengo una query(La cual adjunto a continuación), la cual me muestra la información que necesito desde Postgresql, pero me solicitan llevarlo a un script en Power Shell o hacerlo mediante una API.

Sin nada mas que agregar, Muchas Gracias


'Ap'.'Name' AS 'AppName',

'Re'.'Name' AS 'TaskName',





When 'Status'=0 Then 'No Iniciado'

When 'Status'=1 Then 'CRITICAL'

When 'Status'=2 Then 'OK'

When 'Status'=3 Then 'OK'

When 'Status'=4 Then 'CRITICAL'

When 'Status'=5 Then 'CRITICAL'

When 'Status'=6 Then 'CRITICAL'

When 'Status'=7 then 'OK'

When 'Status'=8 Then 'WARNING'

When 'Status'=9 Then 'WARNING'

When 'Status'=10 Then 'RROR NO CONTROLADO '

When 'Status'=11 Then 'ERROR NO CONTROLADO (unknown)'

When 'Status'=12 Then 'Critical'



'Apps' 'Ap',

'ExecutionResults' 'Exec',

'ReloadTasks' 'Re'


'Ap'.'ID' = 'Re'.'App_ID'

AND 'Re'.'ID' = 'Exec'.'TaskID'

AND 'Re'.'App_ID' = 'Exec'.'AppID'

Sorry my bad English. It was a mix between what I know and google translator