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How can I load my data properly?

I have a simple file in the format listed below (Fig. A). When I load the data in either an xlxs or csv file type the output is as listed in Fig. B. What am I doing wrong?

Fig, A

StateAbbreviationName 1Name 2

Fig. B


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Re: How can I load my data properly?

That looks like a file header of a not recognized format. Can you attach the file you are trying to load?


Re: How can I load my data properly?

The source file is not what it seems like - it is not an Excel-file nor a CSV-file.

The header indicates that it is DRM - protected and encrypted - so it has to be decrypted first before it is

usable. Then you can use it in Qlik Sense.

DRM = Digital Rights Managment

Probably copied in the wrong or unauthorized way from a SharePoint site with DRM-enabled.


Re: How can I load my data properly?

From Samsungs website:

Document Security Solution (NASCA) NASCA is a DRM solution guaranteeing safe distribution of electronic documents with encryption and authority management features to take preemptive measures in preventing losses due to illegal leakages of all electronic documents created within the company.

Re: How can I load my data properly?

Google says that your xlsx or csv file is encrypted by some DRM security software. You'll have to ask whoever gave you that file to give you an unencrypted copy.

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