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How can I update existing records from a CSV?


We use Qlik Sense for the information analysis of our CRM. Last month we exported the following case table from the CRM to a CSV and then loaded the CSV to Qlik Sense.


ID OportunidadOportunidadID CuentaCuentaSectorVendedor
ea7013da-45bf-e576-37f8-54b002b73a55AK-14-12-CC-1195cd3eb63b-003c-d695-f004-52680bc173a2PACIFIC RUBIALESPrivadaSebastián Ortiz
010d8b20-b1d9-11e6-810a-02c62a0543b1Ministerio de Trabajo - ETB (lenovo)25c043b1-9d8e-2313-cf86-52d7dfc5ca0bMINISTERIO DE TRABAJOGobiernoSebastián Ortiz
175cb76c-0824-554f-ec84-5746283dd938ERP CENTRAL2cc13b83-1d46-9231-9539-544a64419ac2SECRETARIA DE EDUCACIONGobiernoSebastián Ortiz
1b03073b-15c1-516c-780b-5748832480f8ALMACENAMIENTO EMC6f1238d3-cb5a-d3c3-55b6-5748823b1c91UNIDAD E MANTENIMIENTO VIALGobiernoSebastián Ortiz

This month we have new cases and updated cases.

1- How do we add new cases?

2- How do we update existing cases?


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