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How can i get the owner and custom properties from a mashup?


I am new to Qlik and im am developing an Angular app that comunicate with QLIK Sense. One of the features is to list all mashups owned by the authenticated user. I tried to use qlik.getExtensionList() method from ROOT API. But retrieves all the mashups without filter. The retrieved object with mashup data doesnt contain any variable that tells who is the owner of the mashup. Anyone knows how can i only retrieve the list of mashups owned by a user?

In my researches i found that retrieve all mashup data including owner and custom properties could be possible through the use of the Repository API, doing a HTTP request like this GET /qrs/extension/full?Xrfkey=12345678qwertyup. I performed this get on Postman and it retrieved the data, but in my Angular app i always get an error 401 (Unauthorized).

Does anyone know why i am getting this error or a way to retrieve all the properties and custom properties from a mashup?

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