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How can we create dynamic expression for yearmonth field?

Hi Everyone,

I have a field fiscal year month that starts from 201301 to 201707 where 201301 is july 2013 since fiscal year starts from july and ends in June.

I have a variable '$(vQC)'=If(getselectedcount(Month)=0,'201705',fiscal year month) where '201705' is nov 2017 which is a current month for my app since my app is forecast for 2017.

What expression should I write in place of '201705' to make it dynamic?



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Re: How can we hardcode expression for yearmonth field?

Not sure I understand, would you mind elaborating a little more? You want to make 201705 to be dynamic based on what?

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Re: How can we create dynamic expression for yearmonth field?

I mean an expression in place of that date '201705' with respect to fiscal year month where month changes jan to feb  and year changes from 2013 to 2017. Now variable has been static to only '201705'. Users can select Fiscal Year and Month as selection in visualization.