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How do I create Cyclic Group in Sense

I wanted to create a cyclic group in Sense for the following fields.




The end result should be Field4 as one single field which has all 3 fields and their data as well.

I tried doing Inline but I might not be doing it correctly.

I want to add this cyclic grp as a dimension as I cannot add 3 dimensions for many of the charts...

As an example for year//quarter/month as one field.


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Re: How do I create Cyclic Group in Sense

Here's a link to a document that I wrote on this topic:

Simulating Alternate Dimensions and Measures across multiple visualization objects

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Re: How do I create Cyclic Group in Sense

There are no Cyclic groups in Sense.

Option1:  Use List box extension (Attached)

or you can find more alternatives in branch.qlik.com

Option2: (preferred)

If your version is 2.2.4 or 3.0 & up i would suggest to take a look at this "Alternate Dimensions & Mesarues" concept. This is out of the box and don't need any custom extensions.

Qlik Sense 3.0 - Alternate Dimensions & Measures Improved

Hope this answer your questions.


Re: How do I create Cyclic Group in Sense

I would encourage use of Option 2 first, then Option 1. Option 2 is the Qlik Sense approach to a feature called Cyclic Groups in QlikView. This is a viable solution and addresses the desired use case requirement. I thank you and appreciate you taking time to create a solution application. This makes life so much easier to see an example and play with it (or reverse engineer). Great stuff!

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Re: How do I create Cyclic Group in Sense

Your post was helpful but here is my example below


    Year List, Quarter Year, Month Year

    2011, Q1, Jan

    2012, Q2, Feb

    2013, Q3, Mar

    2014, Q4, Apr

    2015, , May

    2016, , Jun

    , , Jul

    , , Aug

    , , Sep

    , , Oct

    , , Nov

    , , Dec


And the end result should be all these 3 fields (Year List, Quarter Year, Month Year) as Cyclic group or one single Field but also these fields should be available as single.
So Cyclic Group as 3 fields combined and also all three fields still available.

How can we achieve this, do we need to create a single dummy dimension in Inline Load which reflects these 3 fields?


Re: How do I create Cyclic Group in Sense

1. You can get cyclic groups in qliksense by using CVL DimensionList Extension from qlik branch. its very easy approach, Its very optimised one.

2. by using Variable and $sign Expression you will achieve the same.