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How do I disable the option of a mini chart on a line chart?

I have limited space and would like to remove the mini chart below my line chart?

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The mini chart is your scroll bar so unless you can show the entire chart it will appear to help users move in the chart.

Contributor III
Contributor III


for my experience, if you use "Continuous Scale" if you will have:

  • mini chart
  • the zoom with mouse wheel
  • dynamic (year, month, day) labels on the timeline
  • missing label at the right edge of the chart (last value)

if you remove "Continuos Scale", the mini chart should be replaced by a flat scrollbar.

Creator III
Creator III

You cannot remove mini chart option. this also helps you like scroll bar.

if you want to remove you either use continuous scale or adjust your chart in such a way that it shows entire data

or you can limit by dimensions which shown Top N or Bottom N values.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I have this scrollbar (the gray tumble). No mini chart. Tha chart here is not complete. Only less than half is shown.

I'm using QS 3.2 SR4. Is possible that the difference?

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 20.56.01.png