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How do I forecast in Qlik Sense?

Let's say I have my data broken down by month and by categories A, B, and C.  I have the historical data, but want to also show future months that build on each other according to a table like this:

A:  99%

B: 98%

C: 95%

Where those percentages are the prior applied to the prior month in estimating the value for each category's future months.  For example:

Let's pretend the latest month values for A = 100, B = 200, and C = 300.  The next month in the future, we would show A = 99, B = 196, C = 285.  The month after that, we would show (with rounding to nearest whole):  A = 98, B = 192, C = 271.

How could I go about doing this where I would maintain a table with the percentage adjustments and be able to forecast the next 12 months based on whatever the latest month of data shows?

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Re: How do I forecast in Qlik Sense?


see above and use date instaed

hope this can help you