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Contributor III
Contributor III

How do I limit the values in a dimension based on another dimension?

I have the following 2 dimensions:

Column     Values

Type          A,B,C

Name        John, Bob, Jane, Carl, etc..

Type    Name

A          John

A          Bob

B          Jane

C          Carl

I would like to create a table where the first column is "Name", however, I want to limit the values in "Name" to only those where "Type" = A...how do I do that?

I tried to create a derived column using a set analysis, but it requires a sum function or other operational function...here is the syntax I was using, but was not working:  =({<[Type]={'A'}>}[Name])

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May be try this

If(Type = 'A', Name)

Contributor III
Contributor III

wow..that was quick and easy...thanks!