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How do I write the correct formula to find the quantity sold in the last six weeks?


I am trying to find the quantity of items sold in the last six weeks. Here is what my formula looks like:

=Count({<Max(Week([Year Month]))={>=Max(Week([Year Month])-6)}>}[Unit Sold])

When I enter that formula in, it doesn't show the correct value. Can anyone help me fix my formula?

Thank you

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Do you have a field Date or Year Week? It would be better to use that in your case:

Count({<Date = {"$(='>=' & Date((Max(Date) - 42), 'YourDateFieldFormat'))"}>}[Unit Sold]))

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No, it doesn't have those fields, I only see the field [Year Month] in the QlikView account that I am using for where I am interning. I was trying to see where I can add in those fields but I couldn't see the option for me to add it. Maybe it is a permission issue?


You don't have access to the script? You can add these fields in the back end of the application

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Yeah they only created an account for me where I log in using the web browser. So I just need to have access, then I can add them right? If that's the case, I will let them know. Also, to add the field, do you go to the Edit Script -> Insert -> Load Statement -> Load Inline and then add the field? Sorry, I just want to make sure but thanks!


Not an inline load. Whichever table has Year Month in it, add these two statements in there I guess (although not that simple cause we won't know what Year Month is a text or dual field, but you can try)

LOAD [Year Month],

          Date([Year Month]) as Date

FROM/Resident blah blah...

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That makes so much sense to me. I will definitely try this out. I'm not sure if I will finish this by today since I'm getting off soon, but I will during this week and verify it and let you know.


No problem at all