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How does Qlik handles Bulk data??



Can Qlik handle bulk data. Assuming that you receive Terabytes of data into a table on a daily basis and a customer support has to search for certain records in it which might be at minute level and the search range can be from an minute to a months and years inside a table?? 

How does qlik handles with big data when its a simple app built on SQL from tables.


What can be a best way to achive this in qlik sense??


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Creator III
Creator III

Qlik can handle bulk data ..there is no limitation as such (that the beauty of product). I have worked on 25GB QVD and 500GB RAM Qlik Windows servers.  The thing is your infrastructure should support the massive amount of data because Qlik loads everything in "memory". If you have huge data and not enough server configuration to support, then tasks / reloads are bound to fail. 


On your second question regarding minute/ month / year level data,  thats something can be handled in Qlik. You can create sophisticated master calendar in Qlik script.  

By default, qlik engine will create search index on all the fields at the end of the script reload. This will enable "faster" search when you use the 'Global Search ' on Qlik UI.   


**Again if data is huge, your server configuration should be sufficient to handle it. 




Thanks @jayanttibhe  for sharing the response. However, I need best practice how to handle the situations. Meaning , I am thinking why should i load everything into Qlik memory on a daily. Just load the data based on the user inputs such as a date. So here comes , how can we pass this dates on the fly as prompts to an app to preload the data and run the dataload.

Please suggest.

Thanks again !!!