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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to Increase the column length in P&L pivot (from the Custom objects) in Qlik Sense

Hello guys,

Subject: how to Increase the column length in P&L pivot (from the Custom objects)  

I am using the P&L pivot (from the Custom objects). I am trying to Increase the column length (more characters in the columnn) of the row dimension in the report, but don’t fined where I can do it.

As you can see in the screen shot  bellow, some of the titles in the report contains at least 40 to 50 characters (the length of the row dimension), and the P&L pivot object is cutting the title. 

From example: instead of "General and administrative expenses" the pivot object is showing :  "General and administrative ex…".   It cuts the characters so we can not see the full title.

I fined how to increase the length of the top dimension, but not the rows.

Can anyone advise?






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