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How to SUM a pivot table in Qlik Sense for graph this values

wanted to sum columns that are added in a pivot table to this day. For example, if today is day 17, add the days of the year-month columns (201803, 201804 ..) and have that total per year-month perior, grouped by day (sum of mounts on a period). To then be able to graph these values.

I need to get the sum of the amounts for the current month until today.

This is the format:




This is my qvf file drive.google.com/open?id=1lF7k1gW5cKqrTJWzWjqCdXJ9hFBNlTR5 maybe it is something like SUM({<YEAR_MONTH={$(vYEAR_MONTH1)}>} MOUNT) 201901

At the first column (201803) I try to sum all that mount from all days of that month (max day from 03 month, march, max day because it already passed that date), so this year_month it's 202001, the sum(mount) of day 1 to this actual day 18, finally to then graph this value.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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