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How to Store file with If Condition

Hi Every One,

I wanted to Store my CSV File after checking the If condition.

at first I try to find the Date and count(id) as countid1 for 2 Months ago and then I try to find the Data for last Mount and its Count(id) as countid2.

like this:

count(id) as countid1,
// Peek(count(id)) as countid2,
month(datum) & '_'& year(datum) as Month_years
Resident  Datei
where month(datum)<= Month(AddMonths(Today(),-2))
and month(datum) > Month(AddMonths(Today(),-3))
and Year(datum) =Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1))
group by month(datum) ,year(datum);

count(id) as countid2,
month(datum)&'_'& year(datum) as Month_years
Resident Datei
where month(datum)<= Month(AddMonths(Today(),-1))
and month(datum) > Month(AddMonths(Today(),-2))
and Year(datum) =Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1))
group by month(datum) , year(datum);

now I want to save my CSV data but at first I should check if the difference between 2Months ago and one Month ago less than or equal 2 is and if yes then Store my Data

I had try this:

set vResualt2=countid1-countid2;

if $(vResualt2) <=2 then
STORE [Datei] INTO ....... (delimiter is ';');
end If

 without if Condition it works but I need at first Check and then Store it.


Is there anyone who could Help me PLease


3 Replies
Creator III
Creator III

set vResualt2=countid1-countid2;


you need to peek the values of countid1 and countid2 and store each of those peeks as their own variable (my preference)


let vCountId1 = peek('countid1',0,'test2')

let vCountId2 = peek('countid2',0,'test3')


set vResualt2 = $(vCountId1) - $(vCountId2)


then :

if $(vResualt2) <=2 then
STORE [Datei] INTO ....... (delimiter is ';');
end If



May be you need to use 'Peek' while you are referencing data table fields countid1 and id2.

LET countid1 = peek('countid1');
LET countid2= dpeek('countid2');

set vResualt2=countid1-countid2;



Thanks  a lot 🙂