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How to access another user’s duplicated sheets that have been customized?

I have a Qlik Sense application that is published and a user has made a few custom sheets that only they can see. I have been tasked with adding those private custom sheets to the base application and republish the application so everyone can access them. I have full admin rights to the QMC, is this possible?

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After tinkering around, it looks like you can navigate to "App Objects" and change the owner from the original owner to someone else for objects of type sheet or story. Unfortunately I don't see any option to copy. It looks like the functionality I am looking for doesn't exist out of the box in Qlik Sense.



This is possible to do from the Qlik Sense Hub.

Basically the user owning the custom sheet will need to publish it as a "Community Sheet". From that point you will be able to see it and publish it as a Base Sheet. 

Here is an article that should help: https://support.qlik.com/articles/000052897

Kind regards, 

Bastien Laugiero
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