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How to add & Create new users in qliksense QMC

I am not able to add new user in qliksense QMC. i m the root admin of qmc and QMC is installed as a central proxy.Please share how i can add user in QMC and can assign new token.

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Re: How to add & Create new users in qliksense QMC

Hello Mohit,

I would recommend you taking a look at the Qlik Help Site:


This section explains how to manage and add users and assign tokens.

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Re: How to add & Create new users in qliksense QMC

Hello Mohit,

In addition to the documentation provided by colleague Mark, also take a look at these videos and documents to quickly learn how to get started with Qlik Sense Enterprise:

New to Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Videos

Allocating Access Passes Information Guide

Users by default are newly created in the WINDOWS local operating system or domain - these users are then added to the system and assigned access passes. The users are either brought into the system using the Local UDC (User Directory Connector) - or if users attempt ti access the HUB url - and attempts to login - but gets a message that the user does not have an access pass. that user will then appear in the users list in the QMC. You can then assign them the appropriate access pass.

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Mike Tarallo