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How to add an additional dimension (i.e. string from other column) info to the QlikSense tooltip window ?

Does anyone know how to add an additional column info to the  Qliksense tooltip window of a (e.g.) bar chart?

Example: If I have a special product code (x-axis) and it's count (y-axis) visualized in a bar chart, I'd like to use the code translation (which is a string in a separate, adjacent column = another dimension) into the tooltip window.

The translated string (=which is a product description to the code) can be much too long for a label in the bar chart space, but very useful to get the clear translation once you hover over each bar.

Thank you!

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In the tooltip menu, disable 'basic' and use custom tooltip' ; you will get to use expression where you can use Maxstring(Description) or similar for the same.