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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to add commas to numbers?


I uploaded my Excel files to Qlik Sense 3.0. My numbers with commas in them had the commas disappear when uploaded to Qlik Sense. How can I add commas to my number columns (for example, 100,000 instead of 100000) ?

In my table, my version of Qlik Sense does not have an option for reformatting my columns. I thought that since I attempted to redefine my columns in Excel from General to Number that would have solved the issue when I uploaded to Qlik. This was not the case.

Thank you

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What you did in excel is just formatting not permanent change.

You can use num function to add different formatting in Sense

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @Robert Mika,

Is there a way to make a permanent change in Excel?

If I use the num function in Sense, do I go to "Data Load Editor"->"Auto-generated section" ?

I have been connecting my files with "Associations" and have not used "Data Load Editor" much to modify the code myself.



I believe you are confusing how Qlik stores a value as to how Qlik presents the value.  Qlik will store numeric values loaded from a table as numeric values. 

I believe what you are truly trying to do is in the presentation layer.  There you can format the number in many different ways.

Good luck