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How to aggregate the data by month

Hi All,

I have 5 years of daily data and i would like to aggregate the data by month but i don't want aggregate current quarter and 2 prior quarter data that should be non aggregated.

Please help me how to solve this issue, Thanks in advance.



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Re: How to aggregate the data by month

load ...your data

where 'date' < 'prior 6months'

group by 'key'

load ...same data

where 'date' > 'prior 6months'

and data will be concatenated

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Re: How to aggregate the data by month


here is one working example based on the data below:


LOAD Date(Date) as Date, Value Inline [

Date, Value

18/01/2018, 100

21/02/2018, 98

11/03/2018, 48

07/04/2018, 54

12/01/2017, 153

21/01/2017, 92

09/02/2017, 94

11/02/2017, 109

15/03/2017, 52

17/03/2017, 67


on the app attached below, you will find how to aggregate your data by the Month of the Date field (Creating MonthYear field for better readability)


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