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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to appened the data to the existing file

Hi All,

I have loaded the data using data manager. Every week I will get the new data.

I want to append every weeks data into the existing file.

In my app I have 10 tables for all the 10 tables I will get the new data every week.

Can some help me on this how to appended all the 10 tables. When ever new data comes

Thanks in advance  

2 Replies

Try to implement Incremental Load 

Contributor III
Contributor III


I am writing my requirement, as I am new to qliksense, I am unable to append data.

Please help me the script how to do.

My table format:


Column A    Column B

Date             07/02/2020

Currency     USD

Data            Reporting


Country   Storage    Amount

India          35MB      $1000

Australia    45MB     $20000

USA           65MB    $3000

Newzeland  85 MB    $4000

I want to bring the Column B to Sheet2 than the data should look in the below format

Country   Storage    Amount  date

India          35MB      $1000   07/02/2020

Australia    45MB     $20000   07/02/2020

USA           65MB    $3000     07/02/2020

Newzeland  85 MB    $4000   07/02/2020

Every week I will get the new data so I want to append the data to the existing one

Please help me with the script