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How to apply double filters based on 2 dimension in stacked bar chart


I have a requirement, where I have 2 dimensions namely 'Event Type' and 'Cost Center' and measure as Count(Events). Event Type, Cost Center and Events are 3 different columns in data file.

Currently I am using bar chart with stack presentation to show total count of Events for each Event Type and which all Cost Centers are contributing to those Events in the stack. If I am selecting any Cost Center on a single bar, it selects the whole bar i.e. Event Type and not the Cost Center for that Event Type.

Is there a way we can apply double filter when we select the stack cost center on a bar, i.e it will select the cost center for that Event Type bar by making  Event Type and Cost Center both as the filters.

A screenshot is attached showing the current behavior.EventType_CostCenter_StackBar.PNG