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How to avoid white spaces in Nprinting reports?


I'm trying to create reports using NPriting. I'm using PixelPerfect and trying to export my report in PDF. I'm using images of my report. My paper kind is 'A2' and measure units is 'Tenth of millimeters'.  I have drag and dropped the reports and set its sizing as 'Auto-Size'. There is no gap between my two reports as you can refer from the image I attached but, When I previewed/exported my report, I could see a huge white space between these two reports. Can you please help me to export these reports in PDF format without these white spaces.


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Re: How to avoid white spaces in Nprinting reports?

Have you tried all the options in the image sizing properties?


I think there is not enough height space if you use 'Auto-Size' as from what is shown in the screenshot, you have huge space for width, but not for height.

Maybe play around with the sizing properties and see which suit you the best.

Or maybe adjust the height with more spacing so that Auto-Size can fit the image better.