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How to calculate MTD Run rate and YTD Run rate in qliksense

Hi Community,

I want to implement below formulas in qlik

MTD Run Rate---MTD  Days passed /total MTD days

YTD Run Rate--YTD Day passed / total YTD Days

team please help me to create expressions  for above formulas


Thanks in Advance,

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi @Akina0929 

These are two flags i pretty much create in all my app calendars, this then allows me to do analysis on dates much quicker. 

IF(YEAR(TempDate)= YEAR(TODAY(1)) AND MONTH(TempDate)= MONTH(TODAY(1)) AND TempDate <= TODAY(1),1) AS F_MTD,

IF(YEAR(TempDate)= YEAR(TODAY(1)) AND TempDate <= TODAY(1),1) AS F_CAL_YTD,


With these flags you can do following

COUNT(F_MTD) will give you the MTD days