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How to calculate Total of a grouped Drill Down Dimension?

I have created a drill down grouped dimension in QlikSense with around 10 dimensions in it.

Now I am trying to calculate the Total Count of a dimension in relation to the grouped dimension.

My expression is as follows:

=count(total <grp_branch_appraiser_month> CREST_SERIAL_NO)

Where <grp_branch_appraiser_month> is the grouped dimension.

The expression is not giving any output as it fails to valuate the grouped dimension in the expression.

Need a solution on this issue.

Thank You.

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You can not use drill down dimension in set analysis.


I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do. Can you post a small Qlik Sense app with some example data that demonstrates the problem?

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Using QlikSense version 3.1.

Currently working on a project dealing with critical financial data which cannot be shared.

Will create one sample application to explain the requirement.

Suppose if I insert single dimension in the expression it works.

=count(total <Branch> CREST_SERIAL_NO) (works)

Since there are 10 Dimensions, I have created a Drill Down Dimension of all of them together.

and when i apply the same expression with Drill Down Grouped Dimension in it, it fails.

=count(total <grp_branch_appraiser_month> CREST_SERIAL_NO) (Does not work).

Need a solution or way to get it done.

P.S The same expression works perfectly in Qlikview.

In the Sample application in the Total measure expression the grouped dimension is not evaluated.

Same is the problem I am facing in an expression on live project data.

Please check the accuracy of expression and help me with a solution.

Thank You.



Simply specify all the fields in the Drill down group like this

=count(total <DrilldownDim1, DrilldownDim2, DrilldownDim3,,,DrilldownDimn> CREST_SERIAL_NO)