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How to change Filter pane based on source selection

Hi Team,

I have requirement  i have created table using some of the fields which is common in both the sources(only few are different) here am using two source systems like source1 and source2.

while creating Filter Pane when i select Source1. source1 related filters should enable and Source2 filters disable.

same way for Source 2 also.

this requirment is possible in Qliksense?

thanks in Advance

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Re: How to change Filter pane based on source selection

In ur script add a flag :




'Source1' as FlagSource

from ...;




'Source2' as FlagSource

from ...;

Now, u can add this new FlagSource field as a filter; if u click on its Source1 value, you'll be sure to have only the field related to ur first source and visversa

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