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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to change number into currency in TEUR (thousand Euros)

Hi All,

I'm having trouble representing numbers in TEUR format. What I actually want to do is to convert number (1,20M) to change into   a thousand euro(TEUR) sign at the end separated by space like  ("1.200 TEUR" e.g.).

Could you please me how to achieve this in Qliksense Dashboard.


Many thanks in advance!

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Creator III
Creator III

HI, you can set parameter Number formatting = Measure expression, divide the actual number by 1000 and apply a format string with Num() function. For example

=Num(Sum(Sales)/1000,'###,## TEUR')


Hope this helps


Vu Nguyen


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Vu Nguyen,

I am able to change the number in to EUR by applying below formula but not able to convert the same into TEUR(Thousand Euros)

#.##0 EUR ; -#.##0 EUR

e.g 1.200.000 EUR (Converted into the same)

are 1.200 TEUR (Not able to convert it into like this)


Could you please help me to convert this number into Thousand Euros(TEUR)